For us, sustainability means that we will continue to run a successful business for generations to come. We believe we can only achieve this by empowering our people to prosper and by protecting the plant from unnecessary harm and pollution.


Worker Management

We strive to be the employer of choice for workers in the garment industry across all locations where we operate. Our promise is to provide safe and clean working environments, protect workers’ rights and well being, empower workers to develop professionally and contribute to the communities we touch. We believe in a transparent workplace dialogue and have established formal trade unions or factory worker participation committees at all of our manufacturing facilities.We continuously train our workers on their rights and we offer training to upgrade professional skills and develop life skills such as financial literacy or personal health and well being. We provide benefits above industry average, including childcare facilities, yearly off-site celebrations, free snacks, birthday celebrations and welfare funds for workers in need.

Wages & Compensation

We provide wages that are above local minimum wage and reward good performance through other highly attractive incentive schemes. We are partnering with customers and other stakeholders to roll out fair living wages. This is a multi-year initiative that requires collaboration and consultation with workers and experts on the topic. We believe in the importance of getting the mechanisms and processes right from the beginning and ensure that all stakeholders agree on the approach. This allows us to build a strong foundation and reach our goal to get all our workers on a fair living wage.


By continuously evaluating how we can become more energy-efficient, cut greenhouse gas emissions, reduce waste, demonstrate water stewardship and design products for a circular economy, we strive to minimize all unnecessary environmental harm from our operations and our supply chain. US Fashion is committed to continuously reduce our environmental footprint. We follow all applicable environmental laws and regulations and track our performance related to energy usage, waste management, and water stewardship across all our locations. US Fashion offers materials from more sustainable sources, such as better, organic or recycled cotton, recycled polyester, and viscose from responsible sources.

Health & Safety

Ensuring our workers’ safety and well-being is a top priority for us. We follow all relevant laws and regulations related to health and safety and we also believe in the power of creating a strong safety culture to constantly look for improvements on how to avoid injuries and incidents.